Hey guys! I just realized it has been a month since I have updated you guys!  Time has been flying by!  I’m so excited to report that the single “Beautiful Ashes” has moved up to #11 on the National Rock ChristianWeekly Chart.  Again, thanks to all the radio stations who have been willing to play it! I am continually amazed at the doors that God opens up for this ministry.


The guys and I just got back from a show last weekend called Invasion and we had an amazing time! I am excited to report that I was able to pray with a young man who wanted to ask Jesus into his life, and was also able to pray with many more concerning health issues, emotional weaknesses, and addictions. It reminded me once again why I love touring….the face to face ministry opportunities! Don’t forget that if you have a personal prayer request to write me ateowyn@eowynmusic.com as I would love to offer you up in prayer as well. 


Lastly, I wanted to share with you an interview that I did with Revolution TV awhile back. Several people have told me that they have seen it on tv, but I didn’t get the channels that aired it and I realized a lot of you may not have seen it either.  They just posted it on youtube so I thought you guys might like watching it. It will give you another look into this ministry and show you once again why I do what I do. Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/Uc0QktKRH2g I pray you guys are having a blessed week!


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